Window Screen Repairs

Has your screen been damaged, ripped, torn or has holes in it? How do you repair or fix a door or window screen? Have us replace your screen! We can fabricate an entire new screen for your door or window, or if your screen frame is perfectly fine and only the screen is damaged, then we can replace the screen for you. Custom Trim provides affordable, high-quality screen repair and replacement in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

A torn screen is not just unsightly, it also let’s insects into the home and can be a source of injury to anyone getting a hand or finger caught in the screen. You don’t want spiders, bees, flies, and other insects invading your living room, bed room or anywhere in your house. To prevent that from happening, always have damaged window and door screens replaced. It’s not expensive to replace the screen, especially if the screen frame is still in good shape. We offer different screen materials to fit your needs.

Fixed In House